Theresa Koenig is dedicated to creating bridges between the music of the past and our present time. A drive to challenge the status quo led her first to the bassoon, and then into early music.

Dr Koenig’s musical life began at age 12 in the city of Vista, California. She had begun learning clarinet, but her curiosity was piqued when told the bassoon was the most challenging wind instrument to master. Always the researcher, young Theresa found two books about the bassoon in the local library, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) written in the 1970s. These two books solidified her resolve to master the instrument, as they suggested that women should not play the bassoon, due to their clearly inferior finger size and lung capacity. Deciding one bassoon and one career path was not enough; in 2010 Dr. Koenig began her journey performing historical bassoons and dabbled in shawms, dulcians, and recorders. She now focus primarily on the historical bassoons: Dulcians, Baroque, Classical, and the Romantic, but may occasionally be seen with a recorder. Dr. Koenig further complicated her life by moving to Germany in 2015. She now lives in Brühl, Germany, near to Cologne.

Dr. Koenig has performed with many different early music groups and is happiest collaborating in performances and projects with other musicians. She spends many hours playing music by dead composers in poorly heated churches, and sometimes gets lucky and performs in well heated spaces. Completely over educated, Dr Koenig has a bachelors, masters, and doctorate in Bassoon, studying with Kim Walker and Marc Vallon, at Indiana University and University of Wisconsin-Madison respectively. Additionally, she studied with Michael McCraw on bassoons and recorders and Györgyi Farkas on bassoons. Most recently she completed Post-Doctorate Master’s in Early Music at the Universität der Künste Berlin, studying with Christian Beuse.